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Commercial cleaning is the process of cleaning properties that are used for commercial purposes. This includes offices, stores, and other types of commercial spaces. It’s important to note that commercial cleaners may use different methods than residential cleaners. Residential cleaners usually use a vacuum cleaner, or a broom to clean up dust and dirt.

Commercial cleanings often require more advanced equipment like floor buffers or floor scrubbers. This type of cleaning aims to ensure the space is safe for employees and customers alike.

Difference between residential and commercial cleaning

  1. Since residential cleaning is done during the day and the majority of commercial cleaning is done throughout the night, late evenings, and on weekends, it is ideal to have two distinct teams for the two different types of cleaning. In order to do this, it will be necessary to recruit more cleaners, team leaders, and/or promote existing workers to the position of supervising the commercial cleaning crew. People are more likely to be willing to work day shifts as opposed to evening, night, and weekend duties, which might make it more difficult for you to get a commercial cleaning team than it is for you to hire residential cleaners.
  2. If members of your present cleaning team are going to be working on the commercial cleaning crew as well, they will need additional training. Your commercial cleaning staff will need to clean significantly more quickly and with less attention to detail in order to meet the facility’s needed cleaning criteria. This is because residential cleaning requires a far higher level of attention to detail than commercial cleaning does.
  3. Residential cleaning, in contrast to commercial cleaning, takes place in the client’s private space rather than at their place of business. Customers who have their personal possessions cleaned by a maid service are likely to be more sensitive and “picky” than customers who have their business spaces cleaned. Typically, they are more particular about the little particulars, such as the way you arrange the cushions on the sofa and bed, how you hang or fold towels, or how you replace objects that you pick up to dust. Customers who use your services for commercial purposes are more concerned with ensuring that the cleaning requirements outlined in the contract are met.
  4. When residential consumers are present throughout the cleaning process, they tend to scrutinise your every action. They are looking at the clock to see how long it will take you to clean and want you to be on time for everything. Even if they are there when you arrive at the business location, business clients are not checking the time to ensure that you will be there on time. On the other hand, they may choose to leave “cheats” as a way to guarantee that their personnel clean everything fully.
  5. Because residential cleaners meet with customers more often, it is important to recruit pleasant candidates, have strong communication skills, and present themselves in a presentable manner. Even though these are attributes you want in ALL of your staff, commercial cleaners normally clean at night, after the tenants of the building have gone home, so there is typically less contact.

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